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The green economy is the future. It fosters prosperity, creates decent work, addresses root causes of conflict and contributes to the full enjoyment of all human rights – not only civil and political, but also economic, social and cultural.

António Guterres
António Guterres
United Nations Secretary-General

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) has grown into a prominent alliance of five UN agencies, 8 funding partners, and 22 partner countries that work together to transform economies into drivers of sustainability by supporting nations and regions in reframing economic policies and practices around sustainability.

Thanks to this integrated vision and strategy and the support of its board and a wide range of partners, PAGE is increasingly recognized as a model to deliver coordinated support of UN to countries for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets of the Paris Agreement.

The PAGE 2022 Annual Report highlights achievements from the ongoing work in 22 partner countries.

Since 2013, PAGE has worked with partner countries to create lasting change embedded in national policies and institutions. Integrated and holistic support enables countries to reduce poverty, increase jobs and social equity, and strengthen livelihoods and environmental stewardship while sustaining economic growth.

  • Responding to Country Needs

    PAGE offers tools & services tailored to the unique starting points, needs and circumstances of each partner country to help develop its own pathway to green recovery, circularity and an inclusive green economy.

  • Responding to Global Challenges

    PAGE supports strategic interventions for an inclusive green recovery in its partner countries with active engagement across the UN system providing a level of support that extends beyond the regular work of the partnership.

  • Uniting the UN System

    PAGE engages across the UN system, and through the UN Resident Coordinator network, to leverage collective expertise in economic thinking, offering deeper policy advice to partners and contributing to a strengthened global understanding of green economy principles.

  • PAGE & SDGs

    PAGE works with partner countries to transform their economies in line with the SDGs, working across sectors and seeking to integrate policies and strategies that will enable them to achieve multiple targets through an Inclusive Green Economy approach.

  • National Policymaking

    National Policymaking

    Countries have reinforced and integrated Inclusive Green Economy goals and targets into UN Sustainable Development Goals aligned with national economic and development planning.

  • Strengthening Capacity

    Strengthening Capacity

    Individual, institutional and planning capacities for Inclusive Green Economy action strengthened at national and global level.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Knowledge Sharing

    Countries have improved their knowledge base for advancing an Inclusive Green Economy.

Collaboration is embedded within the PAGE identity. Relying on shared expertise, dialogue and alignment of efforts, strengthens the partnership’s effectiveness and enables synergy on the country and global level.

PAGE is supported by the generous contributions of its partners. Their support, financial and in-kind contributions are integral to enabling countries to transform their economies into drivers of sustainability. Contributions and pledges total US$87 million.

Partners & Financing

  • European Commission
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Swiss Confederation Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
  • United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change & Environment

PAGE welcomes expression of interest to join PAGE as a country partner, as an action partner and as a funding partner. Together we can write the next chapter of PAGE. Join us on our journey to accelerate action and delivery.

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