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The Annual and Narrative Reports section provides comprehensive insights into PAGE’s vision, objectives and progress in our 22 partner countries. The Narrative Report details the progress made against the four PAGE outcomes since the program’s inception, with a particular emphasis on developments in each year. The Online Annual Reports present the highlights of PAGE’s support in advancing green and circular economy.



After a decade of successful collaboration, PAGE has supported over 100 policy reforms to advance green and circular economy and has collaborated with 300 ministries and national institutions in 22 countries, which benefitted from capacity development and knowledge exchange. In 2023, PAGE created a platform for strategists and thinkers to discuss new frontiers for economic transformation, collaborated with UNRCOs to deliver targeted economic transformation training, and fostered South-South collaboration at the 5th Global Academy on the Green Economy. As pledges to the partnership exceed USD 100 million, PAGE unveiled an updated its strategy to address emerging global challenges prioritizing global services and enhanced support to countries committed to shifting finance and investment for green economic transformation.


In 2022, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) continued its mission to build resilient, green, and inclusive economies amidst renewed shocks to supply chains and food and energy systems. Through collaboration across its networks, PAGE informed global debates, catalyzed change to facilitate policy making, and improved analysis through its Global Recovery Observatory, providing crucial knowledge on green economic recovery and leveraging its economic expertise to support sustainable transformations.

2022 PAGE Annual Report


While great uncertainty continued globally in 2021, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) remained focused on supporting inclusive, green recoveries — and transforming economies that center on a sustainable and prosperous future for all. While targeted green recovery work began across PAGE partner countries, PAGE also strengthened its efforts to collaborate for a joint delivery on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and climate and biodiversity goals on the global level.

2021 PAGE Annual Report


The PAGE 2020 Annual Report highlights our ongoing work in supporting inclusive, green economy transitions within 20 partner countries. In 2020, this work was highly adaptive, aligning with national priorities to support action plans for green economic recoveries and address the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19.

2020 PAGE Annual Report


PAGE is proud to present it’s 2019 Annual Report, showcasing the efforts between 5 United Nations agencies, 8 funding partners and 20 partner countries, all working toward inclusive and sustainable green economies.

2019 PAGE Annual Report


PAGE is proud to present the 2018 Annual Report, which showcases the commitment to inclusive green economy across the Partnership. The following pages present the progress and achievements made by PAGE partner countries in 2018, as well as PAGE impact at the global level.

2018 PAGE Annual Report

2018 PAGE Annual Report (PDF)


The progress made in 2017 has demonstrated once again that our joint efforts allow us to deliver more than the sum of our individual organizations’ contributions. Uruguay and Guyana join the partnership and  our partner countries committed more on sustainable development and climate action. PAGE ministerial conference was held successfully in Berlin and global e-learning courses attracted and trained civil servents and stakeholders.

2017 PAGE Annual Report

2017 PAGE Annual Report (PDF)


2016 was a year of growth for PAGE. Not only did we welcome three new countries into the PAGE family, Barbados, Brazil (Mato Grosso State), and Kyrgyz Republic, we also expanded our networks, offering more opportunities for collaborating, sharing knowledge and resources and coordinating with other organizations, governments, civil society actors and green economy champions.

2016 PAGE Annual Report

2016 PAGE Annual Report (PDF) 


2015 changed the landscape of the sustainability agenda. Sustainability has become a universal, measurable, common undertaking, and the sign posts from here to 2030 are now well placed. For PAGE, 2015 was an important year, including alignment with the international sustainability agenda, a growing number of country and action partners, and the upscaling of country activities and global engagement.

2015 PAGE Annual Report (PDF)


For PAGE, 2014 was an important year. The partnership grew and country work began in earnest. The year marked the inclusion of UNDP as a new partner, the upscaling of country activities, and increased visibility in the international community. During 2014, four countries joined PAGE: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mauritius and Senegal. Mongolia and Peru were the first two PAGE countries, where activities started in 2013.

2014 PAGE Annual Report (PDF)

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