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Partnership for Action on Green Economy

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After a decade of successful collaboration, PAGE has supported over 100 policy reforms to advance green and circular economy and has collaborated with 300 ministries and national institutions in 22 countries, which benefitted from capacity development and knowledge exchange. In 2023, PAGE created a platform for strategists and thinkers to discuss new frontiers for economic transformation, collaborated with UNRCOs to deliver targeted economic transformation training, and fostered South-South collaboration at the 5th Global Academy on the Green Economy. As pledges to the partnership exceed USD 100 million, PAGE unveiled an updated strategy to address emerging global challenges prioritizing global services and enhanced support to countries committed to shifting finance and investment for green economic transformation.

The Director General of the EU Partnerships Koen Doens and the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Inger Andersen shake hands in front of a EU flag at the PAGE 14th Steering Committee held in Brussels in June 2023.
  • A group of people posing for a photo as part of the South South Exchange event in Turin 2023.

    Unlocking South-South exchange

    This year, the 5th Global Academy on the Green Economy embraced South-South Collaboration as an integral part of its agenda.

  • UNEP ED Inger Andersen shakes hands with minister of environment of the Republic of Korea.

    Reconfirming commitment to the partnership

    Pledges to PAGE have surpassed a total of USD 100 million in 2023, allowing PAGE to start from solid grounds into a next phase of strategic policy advice and knowledge exchange under its updated Strategy.

  • ILO staff member Seynabou Diouf is standing in front of a group of people and leading a workshop in Morocco.

    Developing skills and capacity

    Since PAGE’s inception, 44,336 learners completed courses of PAGE’s e-learning portfolio focused on sustainable finance, green economy and trade, green industrial policy, and green fiscal policy – contributing to improved knowledge on inclusive green economy.

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    Green employment takes a new turn

    Argentina witnessed a significant shift in its employment policy in 2023 with the launch of the Green Jobs Programme by the government.

  • Building its own path to the green economy

    Burkina Faso successfully hosted the 2nd National Green Economy Academy under the theme ‘Green Economy, a factor of community resilience for sustainable peace in a context of climate change and security challenges’.

  • A major step towards sustainability

    Kazakhstan has taken a major step towards sustainability by adopting a carbon neutrality strategy 2060.

    The case of Senegal is illustrative: after eight years of PAGE’s presence, we have developed several initiatives in favour of the green economy. We now need to consolidate these achievements […]

    Dr. Amadou Lamine Diagne
    Dr. Amadou Lamine Diagne
    Manager of the Ecological Monitoring Center, Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition

    For South Africa, […] PAGE has facilitated and built capacity on green economy, contributed immensely to the existing knowledge base on green economy […] and aimed at identifying new and emerging industry opportunities.

    Dr. Jenitha Badul
    Dr. Jenitha Badul
    Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainability Programmes and Projects, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, South Africa
    A group of people in a workshop watching a screen and listening to a moderator during the Green Economy Academy in Turin held in 2023.
      A group of people posing for a photo as part of the South South Exchange event in Turin 2023.
        All-female panelists sitting at the podium during COP28 for a discussion on circularity.

          Programmes such as PAGE are necessary because they allow medium and long-term actions that help build institutions and capacities in the countries around sustainable development.

          Elsa Galarza
          Elsa Galarza
          Former Peru Minister of Environment, Professor at Universidad del Pacifico, Peru

          PAGE has provided several inputs for countries like Indonesia to push its green agenda and just economic transformation.

          Dr. Medrilzam
          Dr. Medrilzam
          Director of Environment within the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Indonesia
              A man holding a tablet and a woman looking at the tablet, both are sitting in a green field
                A group of people cutting a red ribbon at the Bishkek Green Economy Forum 2023.

                  PAGE works with partner countries to create lasting change embedded in national policies and institutions. Integrated and holistic support enables countries to reduce poverty, increase jobs and social equity, and strengthen livelihoods and environmental stewardship while sustaining economic growth.

                  1. 22Partner Countries

                  2. 8Funding Partners

                  3. 67Countries requesting PAGE support

                  4. 225Assessments

                  5. 92Policies adopted so far out of 125 supported policies

                  6. 338National institutions and Ministries partnering

                  7. US$108.75mTotal contributions to PAGE

                  8. 71Initiatives providing co-financing

                  9. 12Action partners

                  10. 45,415People trained

                  11. 24Knowledge products

                  12. 55Global events

                  13. 97Countries represented at PAGE events

                  14. 24Training packages

                  PAGE works with partner countries to transform their economies in line with the SDGs, working across sectors and seeking to integrate policies and strategies that will enable them to achieve multiple targets through an Inclusive Green Economy approach.

                  Sustainable Development Goals

                  The list of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
                  • European Commission
                  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
                  • Swiss Confederation Federal Department of Economic Affairs FDEA State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
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