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PAGE 2023 Annual Report

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  1. National Green Development Policy
  2. Sustainable Development Vision 2030 (SDV)
  3. Action program of the Government of Mongolia 2016-2020
  4. Action plan for the National Green Development Policy (NGDP)
  5. Orkhon Aimag Medium-Term Strategy for Green and Sustainable Development
  6. Green development indicators
  7. Dornogovi AIMAG in process of approving development vision on SDGs, SDV and NGDP
  8. Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development (Ministries of Environment and Tourism and Education) and Higher Education Policy informed by the PAGE Green Economy Learning Strategy
  9. “Ger and Nature” Scheme
  10. Renewed Law of Mongolia on Waste Management (May 2017)
  11. National Construction Sector Policy (transformed from national building code)
  12. Amendment to the Law of Mongolia on Public Procurement, including Sustainable Public Procurement Action Plan


  1. National Competitiveness and Productivity Policy(further operationalized through the National Competitiveness and Productivity Plan)
  2. Guidelines for Green Growth
  3. National Green Growth Strategy for 2016-2021
  4. Consolidated Regional Development Plan of San Martin
  5. Regional plans for youth employment (La Libertad)
  6. Regional plans for youth employment (Cajamarca)
  7. Creation of the Urban Transport Authority (by Law)
  8. National Strategy for teleworking and National Pact
  9. Circular Economy Roadmap for Industry
  10. National Green Jobs Plan, Part of the National Employment Promotion Policy
  11. National Decent Employment Policy
  12. Action Plan for Promoting Eco- and Bio Businesses in San Martin


  1. Plan Senegal Emergent
  2. National Strategic Guidance Document on Green Economy
  3. National Strategy for Sustainable Development
  4. Plan Senegal Emergent II
  5. Priority Action Plan 2019-2023 (Phase II)
  6. Priority Action Plan 2014-2018 (Phase I)
  7. Decree on National Platform on Green Economy
  8. National Green Jobs Strategy, as part of National Employment Policy
  9. Adoption of the Law on the Distribution and Management of Revenue from the Exploitation of Hydrocarbons (2022)


  1. Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda II (GSGDA II)
  2. The Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies 2017-2024
  3. New Medium-term development plan from 2018
  4. National Climate Change Policy (NCCP)
  5. National Strategy on Green Jobs (linked to Ghana’s National employment Policy)


39. Three Year Strategic Plan 2017/2018-2019/2020
40. The 2018-2019 national budget, Pursuing our Transformative Journey
41. Marshall Plan Against Poverty (Volume 1 and Volume 2)

Burkina Faso

  1. National Strategy for Green Economy 2018-2027
  2. Action Plan for Green Economy
  3. National Programme for Economic and Social Development (PNDES 2016-2020)
  4. National development plan for the period 2021-2025 (PNDES 2)
  5. National Rural Sector Programme II
  6. National Industrial Strategy and Action Plan
  7. Strategy and Action Plan for Sustainable Management and Export of Non-Timber Forest Products

Jiangsu Province, China

  1. Provincial adoption of the National Five-Year Plan

South Africa

  1. Green Economy Accord 2011
  2. National Development Plan 2030
  3. Medium-Term Strategic Framework 2014-2019
  4. Industrial Policy Action Plan
  5. Modelling on water-biodiversity nexus linked to Master Water Plan from the Department of Water and Sanitation
  6. Revision of the Municipal Integrated Waste Management Planning Guidelines


  1. National Strategic Plan (2005-2025)

Kyrgyz Republic

  1. National Sustainable Development Strategy 2018-2040
  2. Accompanying five-year Government programme Unity, Trust, Creation
  3. Decree to promote the image of Kyrgyz Republic as a country of green economy
  4. Decree “On the Foreign Policy Concept of the Kyrgyz Republic (prioritizing green economy)” and an updated Foreign Policy Concept 
  5. National Plan further operationalized by the National Green Economy Programme
  6. National Development Programme 2022-2026

Mato Grosso, Brazil

  1. Produce, Conserve and Include Strategy
  2. State Integrated System of Family Agriculture
  3. “Salto de Ceu” Municipality Participatory Master Plans for Sustainable Development
  4. Management Plan for the Historic Center of Cuiaba to preserve historic monuments and create jobs
  5. Strategic Plan for the Development of Renewable Energies in Mato Grosso, 2019
  6. Review and update of the state’s policy strategy for the forest-based industry
  7. Strategy for Green Jobs/Employment


  1. National Development Strategy, Uruguay 2050
  2. National Circular Economy Action Plan
  3. National Integrated Waste Management Plan
  4. National Law on Integrated Waste Management
  5. National Environmental Plan for Sustainable Development
  6. National plan of promotion of employment (with a green jobs dimension)


  1. Green State Development Strategy


  1. National Development Strategy 2050
  2. Green Economy Concept
  3. National Project “Green Kazakhstan”
  4. Revised Strategic Plan for Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025
  5. Carbon Neutrality Strategy 2060
  6. The new Kazakhstan Environmental Code (EcoCode)
  7. Guidelines for conducting strategic and environmental impact assessments (SEA/EIA)


  1. Argentinean Productivity Plan 2030 for Inclusive and Green Transition, including National Green Productive Development Programme
  2. Green Jobs Promotion Strategy
  3. Programme for the Development of the Circular Economy (Programa para el Desarrollo de la Economia Circular); an official resolution of the ‘Argentinean Productivity Plan 2030 for Inclusive and Green Transition’
  4. The Labour Adaptation Plan for the Sustainable Construction Sector
  5. Federal Circular Economy Plan
  6. National Green Jobs Programme
  7. Revision of 2019 Decree on Waste Imports (Digital Register for Recycling Industry)
  8. National Strategy for the Promotion of the Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy in Argentina
  9. National Implementation Strategy for the Escazú Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)


  1. Environmental Fiscal Strategy


  1. Low Carbon Development Initiative, Phase 1 and 2 (Initiative related to RPJMN)
  2. Medium Term National Development Plan RPJMN 2020-2024
  3. Green Recovery Roadmap (2021-2024)
  4. Regional Low Carbon Development Plan – West Java Province


98. 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP) 2022-2026 adopted in October 2022

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