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PAGE 2023 Annual Report

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  1. Global Recovery Observatory 
  2. Modelling a Global Inclusive Green Economy COVID-19 Recovery programme 
  3. Integrated Approaches in Action: A Companion to the International Good Practice Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure 
  4. PAGE Data Observatory 
  5. From Commitment to Action, Supporting deforestation free commodity supply chains from  the Amazon 
  6. Green Learning Network 
  7. Green Finance Platform 
  8. Green Industry Platform 
  9. Green Growth Knowledge Platform 
  10. Report on Green Finance Latin America State of the Market in 2019 
  11. Policy Note on International Investment Agreements 
  12. Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences 
  13. Green Industrial Policy and Trade: A Tool box 
  14. Green Economy Progress Measurement Framework 
  15. Integrated Green Economy Modelling Framework 
  16. Operational Manual for PAGE Implementation and Monitoring 
  17. Resource guide for IGE learning institutions and services 
  18. Guidance note on green economy learning strategies and action plans 
  19. Global synthesis report on integrated planning and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 
  20. Practitioner’s guide to strategic green industrial policy (including a supplement guide) 
  21. Guidance note for PAGE country implementation (English and Spanish) 
  22. Using models for green economy policymaking 
  23. Guidance manual for green economy indicators 
  24. Guidance manual for green economy policy assessment 
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