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PAGE strengthens the capacity of individuals, government, and institutions — developing expertise and enabling them to put inclusive green economy principles into practice.

Through a systemic approach to capacity development, PAGE supports both individual and institutional capacities to strengthen policymaking, cross-sectoral coordination, and stakeholder participation.

PAGE has been supporting partner countries by way of designing and implementing nationally tailored training packages and programmes on specific priority areas with the overall objective of capacity-building and awareness creation on Inclusive Green Economy.

Global Capacity Building includes the development and offer of global training and learning packages as well as providing online platforms for policy development.

Knowledge Hub

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By providing global and regional training and learning programmes, PAGE strengthens the capacity of individuals, government and institutions — developing expertise and enabling them to put inclusive green economy principles into practice.

  1. 62,923People Trained

  2. 24Knowledge Products

  3. 26Training Packages

  4. 360National Institutions and Ministries partnering

  • E-Learning for a Green Economy

    Learn how governments, businesses and citizens can enable green economic transformation and what is the role you can play to support a low carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive future.

  • Green Jobs

    Countries in all parts of the world are starting to make the connection between green jobs and economic, social, and environmental development goals, prompted in part by one of today’s most urgent global challenges. Gain knowledge to advance green economic transformation.

  • The Green Learning Network

    Launched by the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) with support from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), the Green Learning Network (GLN) aims to inform, inspire, and innovate while facilitating partnerships and collaboration around green learning.

  • Sustainable Development

    Integration of the economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection is key to achieving sustainable development. Broaden your knowledge on sustainable development and the integration these three key dimensions. 

  • Uniting the UN system

    PAGE promotes dialogue and partnerships at the global level to catalyze greater and more widespread economic transformation. This informs decision-making and builds deeper political will for climate aligned economic transformation.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    PAGE assists partner countries in developing and implementing national communications strategies. Activities focus on tools needed for national planning around circular economy and developing and disseminating knowledge products and best practices.

  • Knowledge Hub

    PAGE was launched with the objective to provide the analysis and policy support for greening economic sectors in partner countries. This consists in producing reports and research related materials, providing advisory services on ways to move towards a green economy in partner countries as well as engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

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