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PAGE tools & services are tailored to the unique starting points, needs and circumstances of each partner country to help develop its own pathway to green recovery, circularity and an inclusive green economy. Synchronizing short-term rescue efforts with long-term economic planning, and aligning them with global sustainability commitments is necessary to address the root causes of environmental degradation and social inequalities.

PAGE has emerged as an innovative model of inter-agency cooperation for other UN initiatives that seek to deliver as one. The partnership offers a comprehensive, coordinated and cost-effective package of economic and scientific analytical tools, technical assistance for policy development, and capacity building services for policy implementation.

Countries join PAGE through a criteria-based selection process, which has become a competitive process. Country support is time-bound and results-oriented and subject to commitments of interested governments and stakeholders. PAGE has a track record of providing demand-driven policy and capacity-building support helping countries move towards circularity and a green economy.

Core Offer | Tools & Services

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  • Country Starter Kit

    The Green Economy Toolkit for Policymakers or country starter kit provides countries with practical guidance on how to formulate and assess policies, measure progress and model future effects of the transition.

    The toolkit consists of three reports: the guidance manual for green economy policy assessment, the guidance manual for green economy indicators and the report on using models for green economy policymaking.

  • Green Industrial Policy Trilogy

    PAGE developed a series of publication on Green Industrial Policy or “Green Industrial Policy Trilogy” to provide guidance to policymakers and green economy professionals in the use of policy options, so they can be a driver for a green economy transformation and highlight the social, environmental and economic co-benefits of green industrial policy.

  • Green Jobs Assessment Guidebook

    The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) activities within PAGE focus on green jobs and ensuring a just transition as countries commit to greening their economies.

    This training guidebook can be introduced into national teaching institutions that would serve as regional-hubs supported by ILO and GAIN trainers.

    • Informing and enabling policy reforms
    • Facilitating consensus on policy options
    • Building capacity to implement policies and measure progress
    • Informing and enabling thematic and sectoral policy reforms
    • Catalysing finance for IGE transition
    • Strengthening individual and national institutional capacities
    • Developing country sustainability strategy for the period beyond PAGE Trust Fund direct support
    • Developing and implementing national communication strategies
    • Sharing, replicating and scaling up good practices through South-South and Triangular Cooperation
    • Post-graduation support (case by case basis)
    • Green Economy Challenge Fund (through competitive application process)
  • Responding to Global Challenges

    To support policymakers globally, PAGE develops and disseminate new analytical tools, capacity-building modules and courses, and cutting-edge knowledge products on inclusive green economy.


  • Knowledge Hub

    PAGE supports countries to improve their Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) knowledge base by generating and sharing knowledge products such as manuals, reports, lessons learned and best practices to inform and support national policy analysis and formulation.

  • Uniting the UN system

    PAGE is the pioneer to support offices of UN Resident Coordinators around the world to deliver tailored support to countries, enable cross-fertilization, and leverage the UN System for green economic transformation.

PAGE welcomes expression of interest to join PAGE as a country partner, as an action partner and as a funding partner. Together let’s enable countries to achieve their SDG commitments through green economic transformation. Join us now!

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