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Supporting policymakers and practitioners, PAGE promotes dialogue and partnerships at the global level to catalyze greater and more widespread economic transformation. This informs decision-making and builds deeper political will for climate aligned economic transformation.

PAGE drives and shapes important global conversations to inspire a global shift towards inclusive green and circular economy policies and practices and develop necessary skills and capacity.

This includes the development and offer of global training and learning packages as well as providing online platforms for policy development. This includes also the development and dissemination of knowledge products and best practices.

PAGE operates as a global platform and knowledge hub to inform global debates and agenda setting, develop analytical tools and best practice documents and to connects countries for peer-to-peer learning and South-South Triangular Cooperation.

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    • Developing & offering global training programs
    • Organizing global academies & forums for IGE training & learning
    • Providing online expert assistance & platforms for policy development
    • Organizing and hosting global and regional events to promote circular economy learning.
    • Creating and connecting circular economy communities to cross-fertilize and scale up best practices.
    • Organizing global capacity building, in-person and online, events for policymakers representing public, private, including business and finance, and civil society sector.
    • Developing new analytical tools & knowledge products to support a global transition to IGE
    • Influencing & informing global & regional policy debates
    • Catalyzing global public action for SDGs, climate action, nature & the green economy
    • Develop new tools for decision-makers from public and private sector and knowledge products
    • Participating in strategic dialogues on global issues to elevate circular economy in the priorities of the global public and policymakers.
    • Undertake global advocacy and outreach, including through high level events

PAGE Strategy 2021-2030

This Synthesis provides highlights of the PAGE Strategy 2021-2030 and Delivery Plan 2021-2025 (Phase 1). PAGE inspires, informs and enables countries and regions to put sustainability at the heart of economic policy practice.

Find out more about the PAGE Strategy 2021-2030: Synthesis and Overview

Core offer – Tools & Services

PAGE helps countries, through integrated technical advice, analysis and capacity building, to embark on a whole-economy and whole-society transition to an inclusive green economy.

Find out more about PAGE core offer – tool & services

PAGE Thematic Briefs

PAGE is supporting countries to transform their economies through green economy policies and practices. Click on the partner countries below to find out more.

  • Strengthening Capacity

    PAGE builds global capacity for a green economic transformation by delivering training courses, developing new training materials on specific themes and facilitating the exchange among countries in the area of learning and capacity development. PAGE also organizes global academies and forums for IGE training to promote green economy learning.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    PAGE ensures the development and availability of required tools and knowledge products to support policymakers and other partners. To catalyze wider use of PAGE tools and replication of green economy best practices, PAGE hosts global events and conferences to leverage existing knowledge platforms, and pursue its outreach actions.

  • Uniting the UN system

    In the spirit of the United Nations Cooperation Framework, PAGE works as one — across five UN agencies, with embedded National Coordinators, government focal points, and essential connections to UN Resident Coordinators (UNRCs) to bring together economic expertise.

PAGE welcomes expression of interest to join PAGE as a country partner, as an action partner and as a funding partner. Together let’s enable countries to achieve their SDG commitments through green economic transformation. Join us now!

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