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Citizen demand for policy reform and sustainable consumption and production choices can be a driver for policymakers and businesses alike.

PAGE assists partner countries in developing and implementing national communications strategies. These help inform the public about the importance and benefits of greening the economy and facilitate sharing and dissemination of best practices, stories and innovations.

For knowledge sharing, PAGE organizes high-level events, conferences, and workshops involving current and future PAGE countries to build networks and global platforms to exchange experiences and information. Inclusive Green Economy advocacy, outreach and communications efforts of PAGE are also activities under this result.

Serving as knowledge exchange platform, PAGE facilitates peer-to-peer learning regarding challenges, opportunities and solutions in order to accelerate deeper progress on the greening of economies. By providing a unique platform to catalyse South-South and Triangular cooperation among partner countries, funding partners and non-PAGE countries, PAGE supports the generation of knowledge and identify good practices and innovative approaches to an inclusive green economy.

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In addition to capacity building, PAGE stakeholders are able to share knowledge, exchange ideas and learn best practices from one another through global and regional events.

  1. 56Global Events

  2. 97Countries Represented at PAGE Events


    PAGE convenes green economy stakeholders, including policymakers, champions and thought leaders at global events to share ideas, best practices and opportunities for futher development.


    PAGE participates in global fora and high-profile events, and engages with and trains media representatives on green economy issues to ensure that inclusive green economy is kept on the agenda of decision-makers.


    PAGE connects with organizations, government agencies and civil society groups to build a green economy network and creating a multiplying effect on green economy action.


    PAGE creates green economy learning environments and resources to help build the next generation of green economy leaders and support South-South cooperation and knowledge exchange.


    PAGE uses a variety of traditional, social media, and online mechanisms to generate grassroots green economy discussions and celebrate green economy.

PAGE supports countries to transform their economies through knowledge sharing. Click on the countries to know more about their progress toward a green economy.

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