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Making an impact together

In spring 2023, PAGE launched a series of interviews featuring people that have collaborated with PAGE at a given time. The purpose is to voice experiences, opinions, and insights on how the green economy is evolving and how the green economic transformation is being implemented around the world.

  • Amadou Lamine Diagne

    Dr. Amadou Lamine Diagne, who has been collaborating closely with PAGE for almost a decade, tell us about PAGE impact in Senegal.

  • Elsa Galarza

    Meet Elsa Galarza, former Peru Minister of Environment, who has been collaborating closely with PAGE since 2013.

  • photo portrait of Jenitha Badul

    Jenitha Badul

    Dr. Jenitha Badul shares her experience in advancing the Green Economy in South Africa and she engaged with PAGE.

  • Dr. Medrilzam

    Dr. Medrilzam shares his experience in advancing an Inclusive and Green Economy in Indonesia.

As committed as ever, Indonesia has demonstrated its leadership in promoting the green economy by launching our green economy index during the G20 Summit in 2022. [...] The Index is developed based on our low-carbon development model—which PAGE has also supported during the development process, especially the energy sector—and some existing global references and studies, including GEP and then tailored to the characteristics of Indonesia’s green economy concept and development targets

Dr. Medrilzam, Director of Environment within the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Indonesia.
  • Cecilia Nicolini

    Cecilia Nicolini shares her experience in advancing an Inclusive and Green Economy in Argentina.

  • Rita Chiletto

    Rita Chiletto, who has been collaborating closely with PAGE since 2013, tells us about Mato Grosso and PAGE.

  • Portrait photo - Jose PINEDA, Senior Advisor DevTech Systems and Senior Consultant PAGE, Co-lead Report Author

    José Pineda

    José Pineda tells us about his collaboration with UNEP and PAGE on the Green Economy Progress Measurement Framework.

  • Ermek Ashirov

    Ermek Ashirov has been involved with PAGE since 2017 and has actively engaged into all the projects and activities implemented in Kyrgyzstan.

As an advisor and Minister of the Environment, I was able to promote PAGE so that the process of inclusion in various sectors can continue and be considered in decision-making. At the same time, the aim was to train more public officials in the functioning of the IGE. The advantage of having been in the design of the IGE model and the beginning of the PAGE initiative allowed me to promote the initiative at a decision level and sustain the importance of the tool to have better sustainable public policies.

Elsa Galarza, former Peru Minister of Environment, Professor at Universidad del Pacifico, Peru
  • Ms Liu Hui

    Meet Ms. Liu Hui, Deputy Director of Research and Consulting Department of Social Responsibility Office of CNTAC, Member of a council of China Textile Enterprise Association.

  • Brian O'Callaghan

    Dr. Brian O’Callaghan to tell us about the Global Recovery Observatory and the importance of supporting a green economic recovery.

  • Germán Benítez

    He serves Coordinator of the Economic and Financial Advisory team at the Municipality of Montevideo.

The main strength of a program like PAGE is that it coordinates several UN agencies towards a common goal, which is an example of what is expected to happen at the country level with the several line ministries that support the inclusive green economy agenda. This is important, because PAGE is presenting to policymakers the integrated and coordinated approach that must happen for policy action in an inclusive green economy given its multidimensionality.

José Pineda, Senior Advisor for DevTech Systems, Inc.
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