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28 July 2020

Photo of a cityscape

The issue of solid waste management is of high priority in Bishkek. 1000 tons of waste is collected daily, and the country has accumulated more than 100 million tons of production and consumption waste placed in landfills. Every year as the population of Bishkek increases so does the volume of solid waste, causing the issue to worsen further.   

Photo of a cityscape

Highlighting its multi-disciplinary nature, PAGE is tackling the issue of waste management in the Kyrgyz Republic from two different but complementary angles: UNEP will support the development of economic and legal mechanisms for waste management, contributing to the development of a draft Government Decree on economic mechanisms in the field of waste management and by preparing amendments to relevant laws. In tandem, UNDP has launched an eco-competition on solid waste management in Bishkek.   

The UNDP-led initiative invites innovators, representatives of the private sector and civil society to participate, with the aim to develop innovative, diverse and effective ideas for solid waste management. Solutions are being sought on waste reduction, public awareness campaigns, increasing the percentage of recycling and reuse of materials, support for separate waste collection infrastructure as well as implementation of new technologies in existing or new enterprises related to processing, sorting and production from recycled materials.   

Winners of the competition will receive 3000 to 5000 USD to implement their project from August to November 2020. Applications will be submitted by 7 August, including project plans, budgets, team capabilities and related experience. 

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