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12 October 2015

Photo from event 1

Photo from event 2
Photo from event 1

A training event for staff of the Ministry of Environment inspired creative ideas for promoting Mongolia’s Green Development Policy      

The Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism (MEGDT) of Mongolia is the lead government institution for promoting the implementation of Mongolia’s Green Development Policy. To make sure staff across MEGDT departments have a good understanding of green development issues and how to engage with the public and the media in this area, MEGDT with the support of PAGE organized a training workshop on 17 September 2015. The training was organized in cooperation with the local company ‘Start Up’. 31 officers from 16 departments and divisions of the Ministry participated in the event. 

The training was provided using the ‘Design Thinking’ approach of Stanford University that promotes creative, practical and solution-based thinking starting with understanding of needs and goals. Participants developed concrete ideas on how to strengthen the promotion of green development through their own work, e.g. with regards to communication with media. The workshop also provided space to think ‘outside the box’, including the idea of a dedicated TV programme on green development. 

The workshop was the first one in a series of training events supported by PAGE, including trainings for media professionals, the office of the mayor of Ulaanbaatar, as well as different line ministries which are scheduled for October to November 2015. 

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