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01 November 2015

Hands holding soil and plant

A Handbook “Introduction to a Green Economy” 

With the support of PAGE, the Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism (MEGDT) has recently developed and published a handbook “Introduction to a Green Economy”. 

Hands holding soil and plant

Each chapter of the handbook provides definitions and key terms, international practices and Mongolian cases.  The handbook is designed for use by a broad audience including policy makers, media representatives, educational institutions, students, practitioners and the general public. 

The handbook has nine chapters: 

  • Sustainable development 
  • Green development policy: rationale and principles (7 sub-chapters) 
  • Green production and consumption 
  • Greening the economy: from brown to green economy 
  • Green procurement 
  • Waste management 
  • Green jobs 
  • Green office 
  • Green learning (education) 

Green Building Handbook 

Within the framework of green school building work-stream, the handbook “Green School Building” has also been developed.  The handbook is designed for architects and construction engineers. Construction and architectural companies as well as civil engineering schools can use the handbook to understand and apply the methodology and technique for green building, planning and development. School managers and eco-clubs can also use the handbook for obtaining knowledge about green school building and operations.  

The handbook has four chapters.  The first chapter describes key concepts on energy efficient and green schools and provides international cases. The second chapter describes  Mongolian climate conditions and its impacts on construction planning and energy use as well as the current condition of school buildings, population growth, school capacities, and demand for new buildings. The third chapter provides details on green school planning including site selection, general planning, architectural planning, structure, energy, water, heating, materials, and waste. The fourth chapter gives possible solutions for greening old school buildings.

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