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18 February 2020


On 7 January, PAGE Indonesia co-organized a kick-off meeting for its new project: “Benchmarking for Dynamic System Model based on the General National Energy Plan” project. Held at the at UNDP Indonesia Office, and attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas, the System Dynamics Bandung BootCamp (SDBB), and PAGE (UNDP), the project will ultimately provide support for the Ministry and assist in the development of a benchmarking dynamics system based on the general national agency plan. 


During the meeting, an initial workplan was presented by the BLU P3KEBTKE, the centre of research and development for electricity technology, new and renewable energy, and energy conservation within the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. 

Beyond the focus on developing a benchmarking dynamics system, this project will also contribute to strengthening the existing Low Carbon and Development (LCDI) model, particularly in the energy sector. An LCDI sub-model and database for the energy sector will be developed by the BLU P3KEBTKE team and LCDI policies will be translated into sectoral energy policies. The main expected outputs are: 

  • Analysis of energy modelling parameter and energy policies; 
  • Development of dynamic system modelling and impact analysis; 
  • Dynamic system transformation into a web-based simulation. 

Subsequently, PAGE organized a follow-up technical discussion on 15 January. Held at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ office, and attended by representatives of BLU P3KEBTKE, Bappenas and SDBB, the three parties used this forum to share information, detail the workplan, and agree on collaboration and coordination methods for the future. As a result, a more detailed workplan was then submitted to PAGE Indonesia. 

Read more about PAGE’s partnership with Indonesia. 

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