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Welcome to the PAGE Knowledge Hub!

PAGE was launched in 2013 with the objective to provide the analysis and policy support for greening economic sectors in partner countries. This consists in producing reports, knowledge products, outreach material and research related materials, providing advisory services on ways to move towards a green economy in partner countries as well as engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

Serving as knowledge exchange platform, PAGE facilitates peer-to-peer learning regarding challenges, opportunities and solutions in order to accelerate deeper progress on the greening of economies.

By providing a unique platform to catalyse South-South and Triangular cooperation among partner countries, funding partners and non-PAGE countries, PAGE supports the generation of knowledge and identifies good practices and innovative approaches to an inclusive green economy.

The PAGE Knowledge Hub facilitates the access to publications, assessments, reports, courses, videos and podcasts and serves as hub to share information and learning material.

PAGE welcomed Rwanda and Cambodia as new partner countries and supports now 22 countries. As national economies were tested in 2022 through renewed shocks to supply chains and food and energy systems – just after overcoming COVID-19 slowdowns – the call for building resilient, green and inclusive economies has been more urgent than ever.

2022 Report

  • Assessments

    Definite goals and objectives have been set in policy documents in order to generate economic growth based on appropriate macroeconomic policy implementations and green development concepts. PAGE support countries by assessing countries.

  • Policies

    PAGE distinguishes itself from other international support programmes by focusing mainly on reframing strategic policies.

  • Knowledge Products

    PAGE generates and shares knowledge products such as manuals, reports, lessons learned and best practices to inform and support national policy analysis and formulation.

  • Training Packages

    Explore courses dealing with green economy issues and learn about key concepts, policy instruments and international frameworks for inclusive green economies.

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