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15 April 2024, 13:30 - 14:30 CET (UTC+2)

Square Brussels

In this session you will hear firsthand from the people already putting the circular economy into action: entrepreneurs, policymakers, trade union leaders and business people.

Organisers: International Labour Organization and Circle Economy Foundation, with the Solutions for Youth Employment Programme of the World Bank.

The World Circular Economy Forum 2024 is held on 15–16 April 2024 at the SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre.

The event is live-streamed and can be viewed and played back via the WCEF website.

  1. Welcome
    • Namita Datta, Programme Head, Solutions for Youth Employment, World Bank Group (WBG)
    • Esther Goodwin Brown, Programme Lead, Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy Foundation
  2. Keynote speech
    • Rie Vejs Kjeldgaard, Director of the Sustainable Enterprises, Productivity and Just Transition Department, International Labour Organization
  3. Panel discussion
    • Mayri Tiido, Co-Founder, Materjalivoog
    • Karen Pflug, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ingka Group, IKEA
    • Beatrice Cyiza, Director General of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Rwanda
    • Vidyadhar Rane, General Secretary, The Alang Sosiya Ship Recycling & General Workers’ Association

    Moderator: Esther Goodwin Brown, Circle Economy Foundation

  4. Closing remarks

    Elisa Tonda, Chief of the Resources and Markets Branch, UNEP

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