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13 October 2022 - 14 October 2022

Senegal marks a new milestone in its efforts to become an inclusive green economy

The United Nations Partnership for Action on the Green Economy (PAGE) and the Government of Senegal of Senegal, under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, are meeting in Dakar on October 13 and 14. This event will be an opportunity to celebrate 8 years of partnership and actions and to exchange on the perspectives, challenges and opportunities, in the run-up to COP 27.

Senegal was one of the first countries to join the PAGE initiative in 2014. It brings together the expertise of UNEP, ILO, UNITAR, UNIDO and UNDP, to implement national actions for a green economy in Senegal. Since then, the PAGE initiative has implemented numerous actions in Senegal through an ambitious program (2014-2019), with an extension phase (2020-2022) and a program to support a green and economic recovery, following the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PAGE Senegal has welcomed progress toward SDGs 1 (poverty); 2 (hunger and food); 7 (energy), 8 (decent growth and employment), 9 (industry, innovation), 10 (inequality); 12 (responsible consumption and production); 13 (climate action), 15 (forests, desertification, and biodiversity) and 17 (partnership).

  • Panels and thematic sessions on the achievements of the green economy in Senegal and the sustainability strategy;
  • Exhibitions of PAGE’s partners: women of the classified forest of Mbao, solar production unit of Mékhé production unit of Mékhé, Typha-based thermal insulation materials production project (PNEEB), beneficiaries of the training courses Manage Your Business Better (GERME) and members of the National Multi-Stakeholder Platform on the Green Economy (PNEV);
  • Media Award Ceremony to award journalistic productions on the theme of the Inclusive Green Economy in Senegal. This competition is organized by PAGE and the Center for the Study of Information Science and Technology (CESTI).

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