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27 July 2021

Laptop and plant

On 8 June 2021, UNITAR organized an experience-sharing meeting between Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Burkina Faso on the development of a directory of green jobs and professions. Identified as a priority in 2015, the green jobs directory is part of ongoing work aligned with Senegal’s national strategy for green jobs promotion. Using the experience from the Ivory Coast, the directory will organize data across categories, such as nomenclature, skills, knowledge, and work environments and act as a tool to better provide professional guidance to the stakeholders in the job market and offer guidance for trainers and job seekers.  

Laptop and plant

The directory aims to further enable the green economy transformation supporting the creation of new green jobs and the adaptation and transformation of existing jobs, and identifying learning gaps. It will allow stakeholders in the labour market, such as employers, to more accurately measure and define the green skills they require, therefore helping guide the training sector in developing programmes to meet this demand. 

It was along these lines that UNITAR first initiated in 2018 a mapping of institutional learning needs and capacities related to Inclusive Green Economy. The objective of this study was to have an assessment of the skills and learning priorities for the implementation of national green economy policies and national capacities to meet related training needs and to explore actions needed for green economy learning in the country. 

Building on the mapping, the ILO will utilize the results to provide Senegal with an operational directory of green jobs and occupations before its graduation from PAGE. 

Share West African Knowledge Sharing for a Green Jobs Directory in Senegal
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