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10 August 2023

Factory worker, China

The Secretary of Employment, Leonardo Di Pietro, visited on 9 August the first company that incorporated a worker through the Green Jobs Programme, which seeks to promote and support companies, cooperatives and ventures that adopt sustainable practices for the environment.

“Our axis is the triple impact and the economy of the common good. And we do this by collecting oil, which is a liquid that pollutes, and we contribute to the environment by recycling it into another product, and in this sense, we are innovative since there was no other company with these characteristics and we value it in Misiones”, said the owner of the company Hugo Saldivia.




Based in the Province of Misiones, the company Intacto Welty produces biofuel, soaps and ecological detergents from oil waste. The head of the Territorial Agency of the city of Posadas in the province of Misiones Vero Derna and the director of Employment Promotion and Protection, Ernesto Philipp, accompanied the visit.

The Green Jobs Programme allows direct job placement and aims to boost the growth of green jobs and promote economic activities that are more careful in the use of natural resources and environmental impact.

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) is a global initiative bringing the expertise of five agencies of the United Nations System and various stakeholders. Argentina joined PAGE in 2018. The ILO works as the coordinating agency in the country. PAGE is actively contributing to green jobs initiatives in the country, including the Green Jobs Programme.

Source: PAGE, Ministry of Labour,



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