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28 September 2021

Indoor courtyard

With technical assistance from PAGE, a local-level training course, targeting technical teams from the country’s municipalities, launched in September. ‘Promoting Green and Inclusive Economy’ is geared towards subnational government teams linked to Tourism, Environmental Management and Development.  More than 100 individuals are participating thus far and speakers have included the Acting Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Walter Verri; the Minister of Environment, Adrián Peña; the General Coordinator of Decentralization and Institutional Strengthening of the Planning and Budget Office, Guzmán Ifrán, and UNDP Resident Representative, Stefan Liller.   


The course continues into October and will educate participants on the conceptual aspects of IGE, with concrete examples at the subnational level; the formulation of project profiles, opportunities for the incorporation of technologies for greening; and the improvement of subnational services. Additionally, the course will cover the Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable mobility, circular economy, sustainable public procurement.  

The main objectives of the training include capacity for developing proposals to improve subnational management in line with IGE; the development of concrete projects with actions for the greening of subnational management and/or specific actions to promote local IGE; to have a minimum of  3 projects that include technological incorporation for improving subnational processes and/or services that contribute to IGE; and to have a portfolio of project profiles that can then be submitted to different funding sources. 

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