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25 February 2016

A training workshop on Industrial Waste Characterization took place from the 22nd to the 23rd of February, organized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer protection. Participants from the textile, chemical, recycling, agro-industry, seafood and printing sectors as well as public officials attended the training.

The workshop provided an overview of environmental legislation in Mauritius; opportunities for industrial symbiosis (waste generated by one enterprise sold to another enterprise); waste process flow and its analysis in waste management; assessment of data on waste generated by industrial sectors; and recycling and energy recovery practices in Mauritius.

The theoretical training was followed by one-day on-site training at each of the 25 enterprises on industrial waste characterization. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) provided presentations on specific themes.

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Mr. Ashit Gungah, was present at the occasion and emphasised that the project is in line with the Government’s vision to promote a green and sustainable Mauritius. Mr. Gungah underscored that the project will be beneficial for local enterprises, while adding that it is imperative for enterprises to implement clean and ecological means of production . ‘The recycling of waste and utilisation of recycled materials reduce the costs of production and contribute to the reduction of the negative impacts on the environment’, he said.

Mr. Gungah also expressed satisfaction that private sector stakeholders are taking a keen interest in the initiative. He said that operators are showing greater intent to better manage industrial wastes. The Minister noted that when it comes to capacity-building, it is vital that individuals from both the public and private sector are properly trained. 

Photo from event

The Industrial Waste Characterisation Project 

UNIDO is providing technical and financial assistance for the implementation of the Industrial Waste Characterisation Project. The project is expected to cost some EUR 60,000 and will involve three major components related to capacity building, industrial waste characterisation and policy advice.

The assistance is provided under the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) initiative. PAGE is a seven year programme, implemented in some 30 countries with a view to developing national green economy policies and strategies, thereby paving the way for sustainable development.

Specifically, the project will involve capacity building on methods to conduct industrial waste characterisation, industrial waste characterisation in 25 enterprises with a view to determining business opportunities such as waste use, reuse, recycling and exchange, and appropriate review of the legislative/institutional framework for the management of industrial waste.

The project will span 22 weeks and begins on 23 February 2016. A Steering Committee, co-chaired by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection and Business Mauritius, will drive implementation of the project. 

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