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24 May 2023


On 24 May 2023, the Deputy Secretary General of Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) and the focal point of PAGE Thailand chaired the 3rd National Steering Committee (NSC). The committee appointed three subcommittees to support PAGE implementation and agreed on next year workstream.



The meeting acknowledged the NSC’s appointments of three subcommittees:

  • carbon emission trading scheme development;
  • training on bio-circular-green economy in agriculture sector;
  • financing mechanisms for sustainable waste management.

All subcommittees newly established, were engaged of key stakeholders from more than 30 relevant government organizations, private sector, civil society organizations to advance PAGE implementation and creating synergies with the other stakeholders’ initiatives.

The NSC also discussed next year’s activities and raised another priority on biodiversity work in the country. The biodiversity work is aligned with national policy on bio-circular-green economy which needed acceleration. The PAGE UN partners were consulted to provide technical assistance to develop and adjust next year’s workplan.

Source: PAGE Thailand


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