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12 December 2023

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The first call for proposals to devise innovative solutions for labour formalisation and just transition in the country awarded funding to inclusive and innovative actions that foster the cooperation of public, private and trade union organisations and that develop sustainable projects for inclusion.

Last September 2023, the ILO awarded six proposals as part of the contest to boost formal employment through green jobs in Argentina.

The winning projects received financial support to develop their proposals, as well as technical assistance. The projects were selected after an evaluation process by a tripartite committee made up of representatives of the government, the employer sector, trade union centres and the ILO.

This activity was developed by ILO under PAGE and the project “Innovative solutions for an inclusive and gender-sensitive employment recovery oriented to the transition to the formal economy in Argentina”. PAGE introduces to you the winning projects.

  • Argentina's youth leads the way towards circular technology

    The Asociación Civil Sustentar is leading an initiative to train young people aged 18-24 in the reuse of plastic waste, creating sustainable products and formal job opportunities.

  • Youth work, internet and solar energy

    The Asociación de Fortalecimiento Comunitario del barrio Papa Francisco, in the city of Buenos Aires, trains young people to install solar-powered internet networks.

  • Recycling, learning, formalising: a cooperative experience of training and management

    The Federación de Cooperativas de Reciclado Limitada seeks to strengthen the labour inclusion of waste pickers through technical training and collective sales processes.

  • New technologies to strengthen women's participation in the construction sector

    The Fundación UOCRA aims train a hundred women in new technologies and renewable energies to improve their incorporation in the construction industry.

  • Towards a new generation of energy production and labour equality

    The Fundación Nueva Generación aims train women in energy efficiency and renewable energy. It seeks to promote green job opportunities and reduce the gender gap in the sector.

  • Towards equity and just transition in the construction sector

    The brick workers’ union – Unión Obrillera Ladrillera de la República Argentina (UOLRA) – will provide training on sustainability and good practices.

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