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26 April 2016

Man holding wheat grain

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Senegal (CESE) invited PAGE agencies to a consultative meeting on green economy strategies and objectives in Senegal. PAGE was represented by the resident agencies –  International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations  Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). 

Man holding wheat grain

The CESE is a constitutional consultative assembly which represents key economic, social and environmental stakeholders, promoting cooperation between different socio-professional interest groups and ensuring they are part of the process of shaping and reviewing public policy. The consultative meeting with one of the most important political institutions in Senegal, which gathered counsellors from the economic, social and environmental fields, represented an important milestone in the political and policy uptake of green economy strategies in Senegal. The meeting follows the production of a Strategic Guidance Document on Green Economy for Senegal, which members of the CESE contributed to, together with members of the national Parliament. The document was elaborated and validated during the Green Economy Week held in Senegal in November 2015.   

The Strategic Guidance document demonstrates the benefits of inclusive green economy for Senegal, and outlines actions undertaken by the CESE and the National Assembly to support a green economy transition. Furthermore, the document recommends additional actions to better integrate green economy issues into the national development planning processes and achieve ownership by stakeholders and institutions. 

PAGE representatives provided members of the CESE a briefing on the partnership and discussed strategies and policies to achieve inclusive and green growth in the context of Senegal’s national sustainable development priorities. The information provided by PAGE partners will enable CESE to better advocate for IGE in future consultations with the President of the Republic, the National Assembly or the Government of Senegal on policies and programmes that have bearings from the promotion of a greener economy in Senegal.

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