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18 May 2016

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On Thursday 19th May, at 8h-12:30h, Peru’s final two presidential candidate teams debated the meaning of and opportunities for green growth in Peru. With the support of PAGE and Universidad del Pacifico, the 1st Public National Forum on Green Growth for the Peruvian Economy provided a platform for the candidates’ political teams to share their views on green growth. Attendees included stakeholders from international organizations, civil society, the private sector and academia.

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At the forum, PAGE and Universidad del Pacifico presented key findings from the Green Economy Stocktaking Study and preliminary results from the Green Economy Assessment. Taking into account feedback on these studies will ensure consensus for future formulation and adoption of green economy policies and reforms by the incoming government. The coordinator of the Peru Green Economy Assessment was interviewed on national television and can be seen here explaining how the T21 modelling tool is used to inform policy makers. In addition to the debate, each presidential candidate is preparing a written statement answering targeted questions on their views of greening the Peruvian economy. 

A press event held on 17 May engaged 18 journalists in preparation for reporting on green economy issues that will be discussed in the debate.

Photo from event

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