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03 April 2017

Photo from interview

In the lead up to PAGE’s Second Ministerial Conference “Inclusive and Sustainable Economies: Powering the Sustainable Development Goals”, held on 27-28 March 2017 in Berlin, the German Ambassador in Peru, Mr. Jörg Ranau, shared his perspectives on Green Growth in Peru, the decarbonization of the global economy and some of the successful projects developed in Peru within the framework of international cooperation between Germany and Peru.

Photo from interview

Some of the collaborative work being undertaken by the German government in Peru includes working together for the conservation of biodiversity, and addressing climate change. Additionally, conserving forests and protecting the most vulnerable populations are part of the essential work between the two nations, German Ambassador to the country Jörg Ranau said. 

In an exclusive conversation with Miguel Ángel Beretta, PAGE Peru’s representative, the ambassador explained that important projects on solid waste segregation are being developed in Ayacucho and sustainable use of forests in Ucayali.


“We will continue to work with PAGE Peru and we want to cooperate and contribute to meeting the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) in Peru. The German government is committed to working alongside countries that are on the cutting edhe in the fight against climate change like Morocco and Peru,” said the Ambassador. 

Advances in Germany 

The Ambassador explained that from 2022 Germany will have transitioned to 100% renewable energy, which generates more jobs and brings benefits to the population. “You can develop an industry based on renewable and green energy, and from now on we are trying to decarbonize the economy,” he said.

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