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02 March 2018


The Partnership for Action on Green Economy held a mission to Guyana, which joined PAGE in March 2017, to support the country’s efforts to transition to an inclusive green economy through the creation of a Green State Development Policy (GSDP). 


The government of Guyana’s green development policy will lay the foundations for inclusive green economic growth, provide a roadmap for achieving sustainable development goals and related targets, and outline a long-term vision for a prosperous and equitable future. PAGE is providing analytical and technical support to help develop and execute this strategy. 

The objectives of the mission, which took place from 26 February- 2 March, included work on advancing macroeconomic modelling, a Green Conversation on “PAGE: Green jobs and Sustainable Business”, green industry assessment, as well as discussions with the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs on Guyana’s agricultural, forestry, energy and infrastructure sectors. 

The mission demonstrated that partners across Guyana are well on their way to establishing an inclusive green economy, and that the forthcoming Green State Development Strategy will lay strong foundations to build a prosperous and equitable Guyana. PAGE, in collaboration with the Government of Guyana and a broad range of national partners will continue to support the advancement of these efforts and the flourishing of a green and inclusive economy.

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