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12 June 2022

In its first year of implementation, the PAGE program in Argentina is contributing to policymaking and practice, aiding in the development of two special boards established in the National Cabinet of Ministers for Climate Change within the Ministry of Labor. The “Green Jobs and Just Transition Board,” announced on 21 September, and the “Sustainable Production Board” are envisioned to provide a high-level policy anchor for the PAGE program in Argentina, enabling Green Economy issues promoted by PAGE to be officially captured by a central policy-making mechanism.  

PAGE has also participated in the development of two special inter-ministerial agreements in 2020, one between the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Environment for the promotion of youth green employment, and another between the Ministry of Labor and the Matanza Riachuelo (ACUMAR) River Basin Authority to promote green jobs in the industrial area through professional skills development.  

Argentina’s transition to an inclusive green economy has been facilitated most recently by the approval of three laws on 18 November: the so-called ‘wealth tax’ law for the exceptional solidarity fee on extreme personal wealth assets, which will, among other aspects of green recovery issues, provide a special fund for fostering locally and organically produced food, a law to prevent commercial development of fire-destroyed land, as well as the ‘Yolanda Law,’ which requires those who work in public office to receive training on green issues and the environment.

PAGE Argentina’s momentum will continue in coming months, with plans to provide input on the Labour market impacts of sector reforms for the submission of the Nationally Determined Contribution, highlighting the mandate of the Silesia Declaration, Just Transition and Decent Work agenda. This support will be deepened in 2021 through Green Recovery planning that aims at providing socio-economic scenarios, industrial conversion plans and labour adaptation plans to the Cabinet of Ministers on Climate Change. Additionally, a High-Level National Dialogue on Green Economy is planned for 15 December, to be followed by technical dialogues by PAMPA 2030 and Global Compact. 

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