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05 July 2017

Woman talking in event

Rahinatu Sidiki Alare is a Technical Officer at the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS) at the University of Ghana. She is one of the many men and women who comprise the PAGE Community of Trainers, an initiative launched through a training of trainers (ToT) event in Turin in October 2016.

Woman talking in event

Here, Rahinatu provides a short update on how she is using what she learned on green economy in Turin back home in Ghana: 

“The Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies organizes regular seminars during which experts in related fields share research activities with staff, students and the university community. These seminars are also organized for students (MPhil & PhD) to present their research findings as part of their course work at the Institute. During one of such seminars, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on the issue of Green Fiscal Reform and Ghana’s Experience using the materials from Turin. The audience also interacted by asking various questions related to the presentation. Among the audience present at the seminar was the Program Coordinator of the Institute, research fellows and students. The slides and case study materials were shared among the audience for further reading and practice.” 

Photo of event representatives

PAGE has been working on building up a pool of local trainers that can deliver learning action on core green economy themes. Many of the participants of the ToT in Turin in October 2016 are now actively advancing green economy learning in their home countries. Bat Buyantsogt, a professor of economics at the National University of Mongolia, for example, is carrying-out a feasibility study on integrating green economy learning into university curricula. Satchuda Arnachellum, another trainer, has supported the set-up of a partnership between the Civil Service College of Mauritius and UNITAR to run a green economy learning assessment; and Seynabou Diouf is playing a crucial role in developing a national network of green economy education and research institutes in Senegal.  

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