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18 February 2020

Shoreline aerial view

As an island nation, Mauritius has a higher vulnerability to climate change and its effects ­­– which is why the country has been working closely with the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) to put sustainable development at the heart of economic policies. 

Shoreline aerial view

The latest initiative developed by the Government of Mauritius and PAGE, with support from the United Nations Training Institute (UNITAR) and Civil Service College Mauritius (CSCM), aims to educate civil servants in two key areas: strategic planning and project management, through workshops held 19th and 20th of February. 

The first, entitled “Strategic Planning: Achieving Sustainable Development in Mauritius”, outlines why the important role strategic planning can have in generating business opportunities, safeguarding livelihoods, and preserving the environment. And the second workshop, “Project Management: Keeping Mauritius on a Sustainable Development Track”, lays out a toolkit supporting the country’s civil servants to better manage, assess, and implement projects in relationship to their social and environmental implications. 

Each of these training days includes a practical component, enabling the participants to put into practice what they’ve learned right away. The last session of each workshop, called “Do It Yourself”, devotes time for attendees to evaluate past projects they have managed and rework on them through a sustainability lens. 

The two-day programme is under the regular training offer for civil servants in Mauritius, which intends to enhance the skill-set of public officials in the areas of sustainability and leadership. The training is part of the 5-days course “Performance and Public Service Excellence for Middle Management”. 

Read more about PAGE’s partnership with Mauritius. 

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