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24 November 2020

Cartoon construction workers

PAGE Mato Grosso (Brazil) has completed an analysis of state, national and international experiences on sustainable construction, with the results delivered to a meeting with the Secretariat of Cities. The meeting highlighted local practices, informing on sub-national standards for sustainable construction, and conversations with the Legislative Assembly regarding policy development for sustainable construction followed.

Cartoon construction workers

This follows work from 2019 in which master plans were developed in the Municipality of Salto do Céu, Brazil. PAGE engaged in the elaboration of a Methodology and Guidelines for the Implementation of the Participatory Municipal Development Master Plans in 2019 — to be used by the 106 municipalities in Mato Grosso. In April 2019, the municipality Salto do Céu region was selected to launch a pilot project to implement the Master Plan using the new methodology and guidelines. The Methodology and Guidelines will serve to guide the development and planning of the Master Plans in a sustainable manner in accordance with the SDGs and the UN New Urban Agenda. The municipality SINOP recently met with PAGE, expressing interest in using the methodology to develop the master plans.

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