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01 December 2023

PAGE Guatemala coordinated the online course on “Green Jobs and Just Transition: Concepts and Practices”, held from 23 October 23 to 1 December 2024.  

The primary aim of this training initiative was to enhance the capabilities of local stakeholders in Guatemala, empowering them to formulate and execute strategies that advance the principles of a green economy and green jobs using the International Labour Organization’s just transition methodology. 

The course on green economy covered topics like green jobs, just transition, green companies, and green skills through five interactive modules and a Green Business Guide by ILO. It offered insights on policies and tools for creating green jobs and inclusive green companies with a focus on decent work and a just transition approach.

The CIF/ILO E-Campus hosted the course offering a virtual platform with tutor support, interactive modules, multimedia materials, exercises, discussion forums, and webinars with experts for in-depth learning. The culmination of the course required participants to present a final project, enabling them to structure and share their ideas for promoting green jobs and implementing a just transition in practice reflecting their institutional roles. From the 32 participants, 25 earned the certificate. 

The course has given me knowledge of innovative concepts and different visions of green jobs. In my professional development, it is very timely in addressing the issue of just transition, as it becomes a window of opportunities for proposing new issues and solutions based on small changes, since much of what we have already has characteristics of sustainability and with appropriate guidance, interesting results can be obtained.

Mrs Ana del Carmen de León, Participant, UNITAR

Attendees expressed satisfaction with the programme’s content, methodologies, and engaging atmosphere. The opportunity to interact with fellow participants and experts, while absorbing knowledge and fostering team spirit, was particularly well-received. 

Guatemala Green Jobs and Just Transition Course

PAGE strengthens the capacity of individuals, government, and institutions — developing expertise and enabling them to put inclusive green economy principles into practice. PAGE has been supporting partner countries by way of designing and implementing nationally tailored training packages and programmes on specific priority areas. 

The United Nations Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) involves five UN agencies supporting partner countries in transitioning to a green and circular economy through policy advice, assessments, capacity building, and analytical tools. 

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