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21 December 2015

Photo of contest winners

On December 16 the awards ceremony for the First National “Journalist in Green Growth” Contest in Peru was held. During the event the five winners, who will be trained in Turin, Italy, by agencies of the United Nations, on issues related to green growth were announced. 

Photo of contest winners


Television Category: Ivan Luyo, with “Pollution exhausts and factories” report issued by American TV. 

Written Press Category: Joseph Zarate, with the report “The man who chose the forest and killed him,” published in the journal Green Label. 

Radio Category: Laura AVILEZ, with the “Grilled Chicken – ecological Coal” report on Radio Capital, Grupo RPP. 

Digital Media Category: Pilar Celi, with the report “Peruvian women install solar panels and illuminate their communities,” published in ConexiónCOP. 


Gisela Becerra, American journalist and TV Canal N. For her career and professional commitment to green growth in Peru. 


In the student works, the prize is the opportunity to do an internship in one of the agencies of the United Nations in Lima, Peru. 


Sandy Nunez of San Cristobal de Huamanga National University, with the report “Planting and harvesting rainwater.” 

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