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22 June 2022

Industrial waste management report cover

This report aims to enable an effective industrial solid waste management (SWM) and facilitate the development of a Circular Economy for the enhancement of enterprises’ competitiveness in Mauritius. The following sectors were assessed: textile and wearing apparel, chemicals and chemical products, food products (poultry, sea food, beverages and bottling sub-sectors), printing and reproduction of recorded media and construction materials. 

Industrial waste management report cover

Objectives of the study 

The activities of this Industrial Waste Management – Cost Structure Review (2021 IWM-CSR) respond to part of the recommendations of the ‘Industrial Waste Assessment in Mauritius’ that PAGE produced in 2017 (2017 IWA) with the collaboration of the Industry Division of the then Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, UNIDO and Business Mauritius. To enable effective industrial solid waste management, facilitate the development of a circular economy and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises, the 2017 IWA recommended to integrate the management of industrial waste (IW) and municipal waste with similar characteristics and to proceed towards the definition of the cost structure and policy gaps in industrial waste management (IWM). This study was thus undertaken, with the following objectives: 

  • Understand the structure of SWM costs undertaken by selected industrial sectors for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), Mid-Market Enterprises (MMEs) and large companies. 
  • Assess the share of the SWM costs over the company’s turnover. 
  • Analyse the cost undertaken for SWM by the public sector.
  • Provide a general overview advice on the introduction and implementation of EPR Schemes and examine the main constraints to their applications in Mauritius. 

In this context, this study focuses on determining the structure of the costs for IWM within companies; and verifying if part of IWM costs constitute a hidden cost for the SWM carried out by the public sector. 

Industrial Waste Management – Cost Structure Review Report 2021

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