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18 July 2018

Recycling worker

Peru, one of PAGE’s first partner countries, is currently updating its National Green Jobs Plan. Based, in part, on inputs from PAGE, the Green Jobs Plan has identified mining, forestry, tourism and solid waste as sectors that hold enormous potential for environmental reform and promoting green jobs. 

Recycling worker

In addition to the support of PAGE in sectorial policy reform, SOCIEUX+, an EU programme dedicated to improving social protection, labour and employment, began providing technical assistance to the Peruvian Ministry of Labour in April this year, with the overall objective to strengthen its capacities for green jobs promotion. To capitalize on the momentum this complementary programming is providing, PAGE expanded upon a SOCIEUX+ mission of experts into a broader event in April: the National Green Jobs Forum. 

With PAGE support, the SOCIEUX+ programme recently conducted a capacity building workshop on how to design specific green jobs measures and projects in the solid waste sector. The workshop covered topics including green economy principles, formalization of waste workers, and included site visits to both private and public waste management facilities. 

PAGE will continue its synergy with the SOCIEUX+ programme as it expands into further sectors.

Workers in a recycling plant Workers in a recycling plant 2

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