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28 September 2021

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Continuing on from work established in 2020, PAGE, together with the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), has developed five Inclusive Green Economy courses to be delivered by the five universities in the Alliance of Universities for Green Economy and Sustainable Development (AVZUR). The topics of the courses were selected in a collaborative process, developed by AVZUR member universities, and are now co-owned by the Alliance members. In 2020, the priorities for these courses were identified together with AVZUR — Economics of climate change in Central Asia (OSCE Academy); Green and sustainable finance (International Alatoo University); Agriculture and green growth (Kyrgyz National Agrarian University); Green economy and international trade (AUCA); and Introduction to green economy (Kyrgyz Economic University).  

Further, through this partnership, country-tailored courses have been developed on green economy modelling and green jobs assessment building on existing PAGE resources and expertise. PAGE’s Green Economy Modelling course has been translated into Russian and made available to Alliance members. So far, this course will be delivered in at least one university in the next academic year. There will also be a training on green jobs assessment organized for university professors, led by the ILO.   

Complementing this project, a youth engagement campaign was led by UNITAR to create projects that raise awareness on green economy issues — after a competitive process, seven eco-projects received funding support through Youth Green Idea Competition. 

Learn More: 

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Green Youth Brochure (EN) 

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