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08 May 2024

PAGE, Ministry of Labour, and ILO organized, on 8 May, Guatemala’s first Green Jobs Fair during the National Forum on Inclusive Green Economy. The event aimed to connect job seekers with sustainable enterprises and explored the themes of green skills development, just transition and environmental sustainability.  

Reflecting on shared experiences on successful projects and practices, Rodrigo Mogrovejo, ILO Specialist, enriched the discourse by sharing insights on fostering green skills development and navigating the challenges of transitioning to a green economy while ensuring a just transition for all stakeholders.  

Igor De la Roca, Executive Secretary of CONAP, emphasized the role of protected areas in fostering green employment and entrepreneurship, aligning with the General Government Policy 2024-2028 promoting environmental sustainability. 

National Forum on Inclusive Green Economy Guatemala

Last year Guatemala held the High-Level National Green Economy Forum in Guatemala City. The event, co-organised by PAGE, gathered national and regional representatives and the private sector to discuss the enabling conditions and windows of opportunity for Guatemala’s transition to a green and inclusive economy.   

Guatemala joined PAGE in 2018 with the objective to integrate the goals of an inclusive green economy (IGE) in national planning, implement sectoral reforms in accordance with national priorities and strengthen individual and institutional capacities.  

PAGE works with partner countries to create lasting change embedded in national policies and institutions. 


Sources: ILO, Ministry of Labor, CONAP

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