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03 August 2016

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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People’s Republic of China released the “Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)” with the aim of implementing China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, accelerating ecological progress and promoting industrial green development. PAGE work in Jiangsu Province is aligned with the goals of the Industrial Green Development Plan as well as the national Five-Year Plan, including capturing key opportunities to green the economy.  

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According to the plan, China should prioritize the transformation of traditional industry; implement green manufacturing projects; accelerate the building of green manufacturing systems; intensify the development of the green manufacturing industry; establish and complete the long-term mechanism of Green Industry Development; and stick to the path of Green Development that is efficient, clean, low-carbon, and recycled. 

The Plan also pointed-out that China’s industry is still in the developing mode of high input, high consumption and high emission, with mass resource and energy consumption. In addition, China has a serious problem regarding its ecological environment. 

The Plan proposes 10 tasks for China’s industrial green development, which are:

1.       To vigorously improve energy efficiency;
2.       To reduce pollution and emission substantially;
3.       To enhance the comprehensive utilization of resources;
4.       To cut the emission of greenhouse gases;
5.       To improve technical supporting capability;
6.       To accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system;
7.       To push forward green and coordinated industrial development;
8.       To implement the mode of “green manufacturing + Internet”;
9.       To enhance the basic capability for green development;
10.      To boost green and open industrial development. 


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Objectives of China’s Industrial Green Development 

By 2020, the concept of green development will become the general requirement for all industries, a promotion mechanism for industrial green development will be initially formed, the green manufacturing industry will become a new engine for economic growth and a new advantage in international competition, and industrial green development work will be elevated to a much higher level.

Clear improvement in resource utilization efficiency. Growth in the consumption of industrial energy resources will be slowed down, the ratio of added value created by the top 6 energy-consuming industries among all industries will continue to drop, an inflexion will appear for some heavy chemical industries in their energy consumption, energy consumption for per unit product of major industries will reach or approach the world’s advanced level, carbon emission of some industries will approach their peaks, and consumption of green and low-carbon energy resources will account for a larger proportion among total industrial energy consumption. 

— Remarkable improvement of the resource utilization level. Water consumption for per unit of industrial added value will continue to decline, comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste of bulk industries will further increase, and recycling rate of renewable resources will see a stable improvement.

—A significant increase of clean production ability. Advanced techniques and equipment applicable to clean production will be popularized, clean production level in major industries such as steel, cement and paper making will be largely uplifted, emissions of industrial sulfur dioxide, nitric oxides and ammonia nitrogen, as well as chemical oxygen demand will be substantially reduced, and emissions of high-risk pollutants will be cut down dramatically. 

—Rapid development of green manufacturing industry. The quantity of green products will be substantially increased, the manufacturing ability of electric vehicles and other devices powered by new energy, such as solar and wind power, will be improved significantly, new economic growing points powered by green industries, such as energy-effective environmental devices, products and services, will be created. 

—The initial formation of a green manufacturing system. The basic standard system for green manufacturing will be formed, green design and appraisal will be widely applied, hundreds of green demonstration parks and thousands of green demonstration factories will be constructed, tens of thousands of green products will be promoted, and a green supply chain will be created among major industries. 

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