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05 May 2022

Man cleaning ship

The government announced its “Productivity Plan 2030″ entailing 10 “Missions” that will mobilize the country’s productive potential to tackle some of the country’s socioeconomic, technology and environmental challenges ahead.  PAGE and ILO country teams advocated before the Argentinean National Cabinet of Climate Change on the importance of Inclusive Green Economic transformation and creation of green jobs.


The 10-mission-package was design-based on a concept laid by leading economist Mariana Mazzucato. It shall orient key economic sectors such as agriculture, transport, tourism, and mining, for instance, for an increased adherence to sustainable production patterns that are in line with the environmental challenges of the 21st century.  
The President and Secretary of Social Affairs Secretary stated that the first ¨Mission¨ consigned by the government’s Plan aims to “develop the green economy for a just environmental transition”.

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