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26 July 2021

Spanish text relating to Argentina's just transition

Argentina’s Ministry of Production has announced a National Green Productive Development Plan to align the country’s production with the global climate agenda. PAGE-led initiatives such as National Dialogues held in 2019 and 2020, various assessments and the creation of the “Just Transition Board” within the National Cabinet of Ministers Against Climate Change have all contributed to its development and placement on the political agenda.

Spanish text relating to Argentina's just transition

PAGE is currently working on several instruments that will help the Government in implementing the Plan, such as Green Jobs Indicators for active labour market policies and green standards for finance, as well as an upcoming study on the fiscal impact and strategy for Circular Economy.  

Overall the Green Productive Development Plan aligns with Argentina’s commitment to combat climate change and includes a set of initiatives to implement that commitment in production systems with a sustainable, inclusive and environmentally responsible paradigm — across government, private sector and civil society. 

The goals of the Plan include: 

  • Economic, federal, inclusive and sustainable development. 
  • Added value and generation of green jobs. 
  • Reduction of the impact of production on climate change, within the framework of international agreements. 
  • Promotion of productivity and competitiveness. 

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