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27 June 2022

PAGE led by ILO and UNDP, conducted the training activities of market gardening groups and women who process agricultural and beekeeping products from the classified forest of Mbao. The Green Recovery Covid funds from Germany reignited the agroecology activity by empowering workers, most of which were women.  

The targeted action shall help in restoring revenue levels of local women with the conservation and processing of bio-organic products, which was estimated at an average of US$ 214 annually during the pre-pandemic. One third of the group members will lead the knowledge replication to community groups and youth in the surrounding areas of the capital Dakar. The instruction entailed the biological control methods and the safe use of low residual biopesticides, quality and hygiene, post-harvest conservation and packaging.As an outcome, the training also hopes to enable market access to the local produce such as honey, royal jelly, propolis and cashew nuts.  

Women holding construction equipment
Photo of event participants

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