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PAGE 2022 Annual Report


  • The Global Green Growth Institute is co-funding work as part of the development of national GDP outcome indicators
  • The Poverty-Environment Action and Global Green Growth Institute are providing additional support for the development of sub-national development policies
  • The Sustainable Development Commission is funding complementary support for education for sustainable development, including trainings for media, policymakers and the public
  • The Global Green Growth Institute is complementing PAGE support for green school buildings with support to green kindergartens
  • The UN Environment Finance Initiative and UN Environment Inquiry are providing complementary support for mobilizing green finance
  • The UNITARRA/Canada are supporting the establishment of a multi-stakeholder consultative board on green buildings
  • The Mongolian Green Credit Fund is supporting financing for Green Economy
  • The International Finance Corporation and PAGE support the Mongolian Bankers Association and the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association to implement initiatives with commercial banks and other financial institutions
  • Partnership with 10YFP for Sustainable Public Procurement
  • EU Switch-Asia SCP Facility providing follow-up programming
  • Public-private investment facility with co-financing from UNDP
  • Mongolia selected as pilot country for testing the Green Economy Policy Review Methodology, developed by UNEP in the framework of the EU funded project “Inclusive Green Economy Policy Making for SDGs”
  • PAGE Industrial Waste Inventory Study of Mongolia and End of Life Vehicle Assessment input for development of UNIDO led GEF Project
  • UNDP supported project on Budgeting for Environment related SDGs
  • EU SWITCH-Asia SCP supporting Sustainable Public Procurement



  • PAGE is contributing to a public-private partnership for a Green Economy Incubator (ITEV), with aligned contributions from higher education institutions, private sector companies and government agencies.
  • The Green Economy Coalition is mobilizing non-state actors
  • PAGE partners, together with the Global Green Growth Institute and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, offer training and conduct an assessment the employment impacts of green economy policies
  • ENABEL – Belgium Technical Cooperation is providing funding for Incubator for the Green Economy and Green Jobs from 2020 (building on PAGE supported feasibility study)
  • Partnership with WIEGO in the set up of the cooperative of waste collectors of the Mbeubeuss landfill
  • Partnership with the Ministry of Environment for the implementation of the Sustainability Plan


  • The African Development Bank is supporting a solid waste management strategy
  • Ministry of Finance financing the PAGE-supported Marshall Plan’s Social Register (2019 PM’s budget speech)
  • ILO’s Mauritius Decent Work Country Programme 2019-2023 expanding SCORE training supported by PAGE
  • Building on findings of the PAGE work on industrial waste, SWITCH Africa Green is supporting the Ministry of Environment to encourage industrial symbiosis amongst enterprises in the country

Burkina Faso

  • Building on PAGE work, the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change is receiving funding from the Luxembourg Cooperation Agency (LuxDev) to conduct an in-depth fiscal policy study
  • SAG financed a two-day workshop to integrate the amendments to the “National Strategy on Green Economy” following the validation workshop held in July 2018

Jiangsu Province, China

  • Additional provinces are following the PAGE approach to green economy supported by the government
  • The Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, through a regional development cooperation programme, is supporting follow-up work to PAGE in Jiangsu Province through an ILO project on Decent Work in the Garment Sector Supply Chains in Asia

South Africa

  • GIZ funding has been approved for supporting fiscal and pricing reforms on inclusive and sustainable water, which is linked to PAGE support
  • PAGE works collaboratively with the GIZ Green Economy and Climate Readiness Programme for complementary programming
  • PAGE works collaboratively with the Green Economy Coalition, represented by the African Centre for a Green Economy and Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies
  • Flanders Government co-financed PAGE Ministerial Conference (January 2019)
  • GIZ-UNEP Green Transformation Programme (GET) co-financed PAGE Ministerial Conference and follow-up activities
  • EU funded project: Inclusive Green Economy Policy Making for SDG (implemented by UNEP) supporting Green Economy Policy Review focused on Industrial Policy Framework of South Africa

Kyrgyz Republic

  • The GIZ Sustainable Economic Development Programme supports green economy awareness-raising and the Green Economy Forum
  • UNEP-UNDP Poverty-Environment Action works complementarily on national development planning and supports green economy awareness-raising
  • BizExpert, a local CSO working with the private sector is conducting a green economy awareness-raising campaign
  • Climate Finance Centre (CFC) established as a government body to attract financial resource from GCF; EBRD Grant to CFC of USD 800,000


  • GIZ and PAGE ongoing collaboration on implementation of joint initiatives
  • Collaboration with Plan Ceibal on awareness raising and capacity strengthening on Inclusive and Green Economy
  • Collaboration with INEFOP on awareness raising and capacity strengthening on Inclusive and Green Economy
  • National Agency of Innovation and Research (Fund in Circular Economy)
  • Interamerican Development Bank (Fund in Circular Economy)
  • National Agency of Development (Uruguay Circular)
  • Uruguayan German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) (Network of subnational governments)
  • National Institute of Professional Formation (Mainstriming of green dimension within training curricula)


  • Statistics Canada (StatCan) collaborating with the ILO and Guyana Bureau of Statistics on the Green Jobs Assessment Model


  • GIZ-UNEP Green Economy Transformation (GET) Programme


  • GIZ-UNEP Green Economy Transformation (GET) Programme
  • EU Global Compact of Mayors
  • EU Euroclima+
  • Ministry of Environment through Climate Action Week


  • UNEP Environment Fund Resources for Sustainable Public Procurement prioritization list exercise


  • UN System Joint Programme: Harnessing Blue Economy Finance for SIDS Recovery and Sustainable Development

Mato Grosso, Brazil

  • Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises-Mato Grosso (SEBRAE-MT) co-financed the guidelines for sustainable tourism
  • State Secretary for Smallholder Agriculture co-financed the work on the system for family agriculture
  • Municipality of Salto do Céu co-financed the Municipal Master Plans


  • Collaboration with GIZ for the development of a Low Carbon Development Concept
  • Collaboration with GIZ on a ‘Build back better’ training initiative for civil servants
  • Additional parallel funding from GIZ mobilized to implement piloting of SEA in Kazakhstan
  • Support from FAO, UNDP CO, and SWITCH-ASIA for the update of the Green Economy Concept





  • MINFIN, MARN, MINECO, GIZ, IARNA, UVG, Chamber of Industry of Guatemala


  • Partnership with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) and GIZ for implementation of activities relative to MMDAs
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