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17 November 2022

Under the motto “Towards a new economy”, the Uruguay Circular Award, 4th edition, on 17 November, recognized projects ranging from large companies to educational institutions. A total of 54 projects were presented in the competition. The Uruguay Circular Award is an initiative of PAGE Uruguay, MIEM, ANDE, ANII and UNIDO, which aims to promote projects of companies, enterprises, cooperatives and other associations, communities and educational institutions in field of circular economy.


The award ceremony held in Montevideo was attended by Walter Verri, Interim Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM); Manuel Albaladejo, UNIDO representative for the Southern Cone countries; Ximena Camaño, Innovation Manager at Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (ANII); and Carmen Sánchez, Chairman of the Board of Agencia Nacional de Desarollo  (ANDE).

Walter Verri highlighted the importance of the circular economy and announced that the award will continue. He also stressed the importance of the award bringing together not only young people, but also “Uruguay’s leading large companies, which drive production”. “Today there are companies here that are leaders in their export sectors, and yet they are betting on the circular economy,” he added.

This year, all winners received a statuette of recognition. The Large Companies and MSMEs categories received a promotional film that reflects their work in circular economy; while the winner of the Science Clubs category participated in the ANDE “Entrepreneurial Space” fair held on November 18 and 19. The winner of the Education Institutions category will receive advice to the development of a prototype, which consists of a reduced version of a new or significantly improved product, service or process, aligned with circular economy strategies.

Source: PAGE, MIEM,

Large companies category

Award: Montes del Plata. Project: Industrial waste recycling.

Mention: Conaprole. Project: Valorization of post-industrial waste as an input for animal welfare in the dairy chain.

MSMEs Category

Award: Plamet. Project: Post-industrial natural wood and plastic and post-consumption in the design and manufacture of modular cladding.

Mention: ReAcción ROC. Project: Circularity in Construction.

Mention: 1000 Reasons. Project: business model that involves companies in the textile sector and users, the latter being able to propose access to garment rental

Mention: Bella Vela. Project: Ecocueros, creation of products from industrial waste

Mention: Zubizarreta Winery. Project: Alternative use of grape pomace.

Science Clubs category

Award: Agricultural School of Artigas. Project: Pizzaclarte! (recycling of pizza boxes). As a prize, they will participate in the ANDE Espacio Emprendedor fair, to be held on November 18 and 19.

Mention: Instituto Tecnológico Superior Paysandú. Project: El Mate Solar (ecological version of a water heater).

Tertiary Education Institutions Category

Award: Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de la República. Project: Specialized products derived from the wine industry.

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