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15 December 2014

Photo of event representatives

Peru emphasized its effort in promoting environmental sustainability  during a UNFCCC COP20 side event which presented the road map for the National Green Growth Strategy (NGGS), developed by the country’s Ministry of Environment (MINAM) and supported by the Partnership Action on Green Economy (PAGE). 

Photo of event representatives

Peru, the second country to receive support from the PAGE initiative, has decided to adopt and develop the concept of Green Growth to continue to benefit from the economic stability. The event, which featured the participation of the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion and UNEP – marked Peru´s commitment to transitioning to green economy. 

The Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, Mr. Fredy Otálora, made reference to his youth where he grew up in Huaraz, a small town in the Andean region, and recalled crossing the snow covered mountains. “Nowadays those glaciers are almost gone, environmental degradation is affecting us all and we must act”. He also highlighted the support from the PAGE partners, who are providing a set of fundamental tools to steer the country to a green future. 

The National Green Growth Strategy aims to improve the quality of life for all Peruvians by creating more efficient public policies to promote good regulatory practices, improving the environmental education of the public and promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production. This Strategy will harmonize all the efforts undertaken by the central government on environmental issues thus far, ensuring that they have a common goal, that they are consistent with other national plans and international agreements signed by the country. 

Along with the Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, the event also featured the participation of the Vice Minister of Employment Promotion and Training, Mr Daniel Maurate; UNEP Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean, Ms Margarita Astrálaga; UNDP Deputy Representative in Peru Mr Didier Trebucq; the Director of the Job Creation and Enterprise Development Department, ILO, Mr Peter Poschen, and the Director of Valuation, Monitoring and Financing of Natural Heritage General Bureau, MINAM, Mr Roger Loyola.

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