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16 January 2020

Aerial photo of greenery

Partners: The Secretary of State for Family Agriculture (Seaf-MT) and the Centro de Vida Institute Alta Floresta Chamber of Store Managers (CDL)

Aerial photo of greenery

As Brazil’s leading producer of food resources, family agriculture in Mato Grosso is part of a wider debate on economic and environmental sustainability, where efforts are encouraged towards educating on agriculture impacts in the area. 

The Secretary of State for Family Agriculture (Seaf-MT) for the State Government of Mato Grosso and with financial support from PAGE, established the State Council for Sustainable Rural Development (CEDRS), the first series of regional workshops promoting the Integrated State System for Family Agriculture. The workshops provided guidance and gave program information on how municipalities can take the lead. The workshop also demonstrated the electronic tool (e-SEIAF), a smart tool that utilizes primary data collection for family agriculture. The new tool can be used to set measurable goals in order to strengthen the sector as a whole. 

The series of workshops involved five regional meetings, which had participation from representatives in municipal, state and federal agencies including: the Municipal Council for Sustainable Rural Development (CMDRS), representatives of the State Council for Sustainable Rural Development (CEDRS), and representatives of the Intermunicipal Consortia for Economic Development, Social and Environmental, academic, research and extension institutions, social movements in the countryside, associations, cooperatives, Workers’ and Rural Workers’ Union (STTR), Empresa Mato-grossense de Pesquisa, Assistência e Extensão Rural (EMPAER), political class, third sector and private initiatives. 

The SEIAF initiative, with PAGE financial support, expressed in the workshops that the System is one of the main instruments for the implementation of the State Policy and the Plan for Family Agriculture. During the regional workshops, subsidies were collected for the improvement of the SEIAF proposal and its subsequent institutionalization.

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