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Enabling countries to achieve their SDG commitments and climate and biodiversity targets through green economies

Focused on reframing macroeconomic policies, PAGE work in partner countries seeks to align economies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by increasing human prosperity, creating green and decent jobs, including for youth and women, reducing inequalities, and strengthening ecological foundations of economies. This includes support to countries for ‘building forward better’ from COVID-19, as a green and inclusive economic recovery can be a stepping-stone towards a broader green economy transformation that drives action for climate and nature, counteracting future pandemics. As outlined in its Strategy 2021-2030, PAGE currently works with 20 partner countries and aims to support up to 10 additional partner countries by 2030.




Countries join PAGE through a demand-driven and criteria-based selection process and the support to countries is both time-bound and results-oriented. Additionally, country support is foremost based on a demonstrated commitment from interested governments.

Programmatic partnerships with countries – which include capacity development, technical analysis, policy advice and collaborative learning – form the backbone of PAGE. 

To help drive economic transformation and long-term sustainability in partner countries, PAGE: 

  • links closely with existing institutional structures and policy processes in partner countries, including the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Frameworks (UNSDCF). Each package of support is specifically tailored to country needs, capacities and development aspirations;  

  • brings together the economic expertise of the UN system (economists from UN Resident Coordinator Offices, PAGE agencies, UN Regional Economic Commissions, and the Office of the UN Chief Economist), the Government and the research community to jointly design a pathway for transitioning to a green and inclusive economy,  

  • contributes to and draws on the expertise of relevant government ministries, in particular the counterpart ministries of the five PAGE agencies, along with Ministries of Economy, Finance and Development Planning. PAGE also works closely with private sector actors, workers’ unions and civil society, including, labour, youth and women associations.

Joining PAGE

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