PAGE Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of governments and institutions that provide financial support to PAGE, follow the development and implementation of its activities and provide overall strategic guidance to the programme direction. The SC receives regular updates and annual progress report. It makes recommendations to the Management Board and the Project Team on long term vision and strategic aspects of implementation. The SC usually convenes twice a year. The SC also receives Global Work Plans and associated budget frameworks for feedback. It also provides advice in the selection of new PAGE countries. In relation to the monitoring and evaluation of PAGE, the SC works closely with the Management Board to ensure that independent evaluations are carried out and that related findings and recommendations are addressed.

PAGE Management Board

The Management Board includes one director-level representative from each PAGE partner agency and is chaired and coordinated by United Nations Environment Programme. The Board approves the overall work programme for PAGE and related deployment of resources as well as selection of new countries taking into account suggestions by funding partners, where possible. The Management Board usually convenes two or three times a year at major milestones in programme planning which require management decision.

PAGE Technical Team

The Technical Team consists of staff members from all five PAGE participating organisations, including staff members and consultants in headquarters and regional offices directly involved in the implementation of activities. The committee meets through monthly conference calls and annual face-to-face meetings (or more often if needed) to plan and share progress on the implementation of activities. The members of the Technical Team develop the work plan for PAGE with the support of the PAGE Secretariat and ensure consistency in country and global activities. It also makes proposals to the Management Board for strategic decisions, such as the content of the annual work plan and country selection.

PAGE Secretariat

The PAGE Secretariat serves as the central liaison point between the PAGE partners, and provides services to the Technical Team, the Management Board and the Steering Committee. Its functions include: programme and financial planning, resource mobilisation, support to country teams on strategic planning and development of results frameworks, management of the PAGE Trust Fund,  documentation and reporting of results, support partner agencies in organisation of PAGE events, support audits, monitoring and evaluations, organising meetings of Steering Committee, Management Board, Technical Team as well as undertake communication and outreach activities including online presence of PAGE. The Secretariat takes a lead role in initiating related processes, compiles inputs from PAGE partners, and develops draft documents for discussion and approval. The Secretariat is hosted by UN Environment.