Donor Steering Committee
The committee is a group of governments and institutions that provide financial support to PAGE, follow the development and implementation of the programme and provide overall strategic guidance to the direction of PAGE. The Donor Steering Committee receives an aggregated annual report on the PAGE progress and makes recommendations to guide the Management Board and the Technical Team on strategic aspects of implementation.

PAGE Management Board
The PAGE Management Board includes one director-level representative from each UN partner agency and is chaired and coordinated by UNEP. The board agrees on the overall work programme of PAGE and related deployment of resources. It also makes the final decision on new countries joining PAGE.  

PAGE Technical Team
Made up of UN partner representatives, the Technical Team meets on a quarterly basis – or more often as needed – to plan and share progress on the implementation of activities. The Team develops the work plan for PAGE under the leadership of the PAGE Secretariat and ensures consistency of country and global activities. It also makes proposals to the Management Board for strategic decisions. Under the Technical Team there are country teams, with designated staff members from each partner agency, one being the lead agency each country. Focal points from lead agencies work in close cooperation with national coordinators and government counterparts for PAGE.

The PAGE Secretariat 
The Secretariat is hosted by UNEP, providing services to the Technical Team, the Management Board and the Donor Steering Committee. The PAGE Secretariat serves as the central liaison point between the PAGE partners and assists with the coordination of the programme, under the direction of the Technical Team. The PAGE Secretariat’s work involves communication, funds management, programme planning, coordination and monitoring.

At country level, one of the agencies takes the lead to coordinate activities and engagement with the country. This ‘country focal point’ leads a country team with representatives from the five UN agencies, and any other partners and works in close coordination with a national coordinator and the government focal points for PAGE. In each country a national steering committee oversees and guides the national process.