The Third Edition Green Economy Days Held in Senegal

 Key actors and stakeholders across sectors in Senegal participated in the third edition of the National Green Economy Days in Dakar on 11 and 12 February 2020. Since 2014, Senegal has committed to transforming its economy through the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE), its national development plan, focused on the economic, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development.

PAGE has been supporting Senegal’s implementation of the PSE in a wide range of areas including, among other things, green jobs, entrepreneurship, capacity development and cross-sectoral policy analysis. As Senegal enters its final year of PAGE support, the focus of the Green Economy Days was to "Reinforce achievements and ensure the sustainability of the green economy in Senegal". 

The first edition of Senegal’s Green Economy Days, held in November 2015, was centered on the establishment of a political and strategic framework for a transition to a green economy, while the second edition, held in February 2018, led to the set-up of a multi-stakeholder platform promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange on green economy. For this year, the goal of these two days was not only to acknowledge the country’s achievements thus far, but to commit to the future of a sustainable and inclusive green economy in Senegal.  

Organized by the Government of Senegal, under the leadership of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development, and in collaboration with United Nations agencies and national partners involved in the implementation of the PAGE in Senegal, the Green Economy Days were a forum to present the strategy to sustain the action, beyond the work of PAGE, and further anchor the green economy in Senegal. Involving partners from government, private sector, academia and civil society discussion will cover national green employment policies; the updated version of the Green Economy Assessment; recent studies on green skills and green jobs, along with a methodology for the statistical estimation of green jobs; circular economy; and programmes for future skill development — all with a view to develop a roadmap for the continuation of green economy activities. The gathering worked to answer a key question on how to further institutionalize the National Platform on the Green Economy in the years to come. 

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Watch the Minister of Economy Senegal talking about the results of the updated green economy assessment in his opening speech.

Photos from the event: