South Africa: key activities to support coordination on GE planning

South Africa, February 2016 - South Africa joined the PAGE programme in 2015, and the inception of key country programme activities is now in full swing. With the support of national partners, a Green Economy National Inventory for South Africa, Green Economy Learning Assessment, and South Africa Green Industry and Trade Sector Analysis has been initiated in February 2016. These activities were identified during the scoping phase of PAGE in South Africa, and were seen as foundational to the implementation of the programme in the country.

By undertaking a comprehensive economy-wide inventory of green economy initiatives, the Green Economy Inventory for South Africa will present a snapshot of the country’s progress towards a green economy transition. The Inventory is envisioned as an important tool to facilitate improved collaboration and coordination in support of the country’s green economy transition. The Green Economy Learning Assessment will review existing institutional capacities to provide learning on green economy and identify opportunities for action to strengthen green economy learning in South Africa. This will include the identification of priority learning needs in key sectors.

The South Africa Green Industry and Trade Sector Analysis will undertake an assessment of sectors that offer particular opportunities for green industrial development and exports. The development of a resource-efficient, low-carbon and export-oriented industry can position South Africa in the development of green technologies, reduce dependencies on imports of clean technologies and ancillary services, and  leapfrog brown technology segments. Green industry promotion can also allow for integration into value chains for environmental goods, and offer new trade opportunities that offer environmental, social and economic benefits to the South African people. These foundational activities will support improved collaboration and coordination on green economy planning, learning and implementation processes in the country – and assist in the identification of country priorities.

PAGE will also participate in the national Sustainability Week - being held in Tshwane, South Africa, from 31 May to 2 June 2016 -  a key national event which seeks to advance the green economy in South Africa through knowledge sharing across disciplines and sectors. The event will increase the national visibility and broader ownership of PAGE among key public, private and civil society actors who are already actively working towards advancing South Africa’s green economy commitments.